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Sprinkler Systems Come in all Shapes, Ages, Sizes and Brands

Sprinkler Doctor services them all.  From large commerical properties to residential systems.

Spring System Opening (April-June)

Our technicians will re-open your irrigation system after its long winter's rest. At this time spray and rotor heads will be inspected and adjusted for proper coverage at no additional charge. System repairs can also be performed at this time (fees for this will vary, but you will save the cost of an additional trip charge). If you know that you will have system repairs at the time of your appointment, please be sure to let our office know in advance so that we may allow sufficient time for the repairs.

Backflow Testing and Maintenance - (April-November)

Backflow test need to performed annually by a Ohio Department of Commerce certified backflow inspector.  Sprinkler Doctor has three certified testers on staff.  Please be aware that most water municipalities will begin water turn off procedures if your backflow is not inspected.  The water needs to be turned on to your sprinkler system for the test to be performed.  You do not have to be at home for the test to be completed.  Many Sprinkler Doctor customers purchase the Service Agreement package annually that includes the backflow test.  In most cases that backflow can be tested at the same time the sprinkler system is opened.  A picture os a backflow device is to the right



Mid Season Inspection

Mid-Season Inspections (July-August)
Activity in your yard, landscape changes, or regular use of your system may result  in the need for adjustments to your system.  Each July and August, Sprinkler Doctor offers an optional mid-season inspection of your system.  We will check the over-all system performance.  Where needed we will re-adjust sprinkler heads, check for leaks or possible water loss,  and re-set controller times.  Any new parts that might be installed are not included in the cost.

Sprinkler Doctor Guy

General Repairs (April-November)
Patio and pool installations will do damage to your sprinkler system. Sprinkler Doctor is here to help. From cut lines and head replacements to zone reconfiguarations and controller changes...our technicians are equipped to resolve your irrigation repairs.

Winterization (September-November)
Sprinkler Doctor has a fleet of trucks and compressors that are ready to clear your irrigation system's lines of water and safeguard your backflow before it freezes.  Sudden freezes can cause costly damage to the backflow device, as well as, other irrigation system componenets.  As a result, we suggest winterizing as early in the season as possible to prevent any damage.

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