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Backflow tests are require yearly, per the Ohio EPA.  A water municipality can turn off the water to your home, if you fail to have the backflow tested in a timely manner.


Sprinkler Doctor has three certified backflow testers on staff.  The testers are required to renew and re-certify their license every 3 years.

The test gauges used to test the backflow must be re-calibrated every year, by a company accredited to preform this task.

In most cases, we will test the backflow device when the technician opens the sprinkler system.

If there are no issues with the backflow, and the device passes the necessary test, it will be tagged as tested and passed.  The technician completes the necessary paperwork for the water municipality you are located in.

The paperwork is then submitted through our office via whatever communication the water department requires, email, online submission, fax or in some cases via mail.

2022 Backflow Test price $95 without a service agreement


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