Sprinklers Running

Both of these picture were taken immediately after installation of the sprinkler system.  You can see minor imperfections in the turf that go away after a couple of weeks of watering.

Sprinkler Doctor will locate your utilities and underground drainage system before we put anything in the ground.

If your water municipality allows for a deduct or sewer exempt meter, Sprinkler Doctor will install that for you at time of installation.  You do not have to contact a plumber.

We have 3 full time Certified Backflow Testers on Staff as well.  Remember, your backflow prevention device must be inspected every year.

Sprinkler Doctor also installs and repairs underground drainage including yard drain, French drains, underground conductor lines that take the water to the street.  We can help with any type of water issue you might be having above or below ground.

Sprinklers Running
The Owners

We are a family owned business.  Mark and Carol Lawhorn started Sprinkler Doctor, Inc. in April of 2000.  We are not a franchise.  Both of Mark and Carol work in the business full time.  You likely speak to Carol when calling or emailing.  She also does many of the estimates.  Mark assists with large irrigation installations, backflow testing, estimates and whatever else is needed.  We have another company, started in 2013, called Arena Water LLC. . Please click the Arena Water tab at the top of the page for more informaion.  In their free time, they enjoy riding and showing their 6 horse.  You may also hear one of the two dogs in the background when you call.  Woof!



Long time customers know Carol's dad, Ben Markham- he was the first employee.  He does many of the backflow tests, utility location and winterizes before he heads to Florida in the winter.


James Bailey is our Service Manager.  He does anything involving service, backflow tests, openings, winterizes, large service projects.  He has been with Sprinkler Doctor for 10 years.

Emily West has helped Carol in the office for the last two years.  She helped with winterizes in 2018.  This year, she spent several days in the field, training with Austin and Jim learning how to start up sprinkler systems and do minor repairs.  Emily is not afraid to get her hands dirty!!

Ryan Mancini helps with new installation and service appointments.  He was new to the industry in 2020 but gained a lot of knowledge and job experience during the year. 

Jordan Pine started in the spring of 2020.  He quickly learned the service technician position as well as new installations.  We received many compliments from customer about Jordan during his first year.

Sprinkler Doctor hires seasonal employees during the spring and summer to help with installation projects.


All employees must pass a drug test and background test.




Call or email us today for a free estimate.  We will be happy to set up a time to meet with you at your convenience.  The estimate takes less than 30 mintues.




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